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About Us


Hi, I am Jordan Dottley, owner of west of fifty five.  My love for style and fashion goes as far back as I can remember, from my mom taking me on shopping trips for new school clothes to ogling the designer window displays.  

Clothes have always been a way for me to express myself and the season of life I am in.  As I grew more confident, I realized that key elements of my wardrobe have become my staples and security while allowing me to take some risks.

I moved to New York right out of college with dreams of working in fashion PR or being a stylist, but I soon realized that my heart belongs in the South - at home with my family.

Owning a store is something that I always wanted to do but I was scared of taking a leap.  With the support and encouragement of my amazing parents, I finally took that leap and started West of Fifty Five.

West of Fifty Five was created as a place for all women to shop.  From daughters to grandmothers, we cater for all of life’s seasons!  I always loved shopping with my own mother and how I remember how much more fun it was when could shop together in the same store.  I feel as if fashion creates a bond between women.

First and foremost, I am a mother to Bodie and my pups Eva and Miggs.  I aspire to be a total Boss Babe and to inspire young women to follow their dreams and passions and not to let fear hold them back.

Life has lead me to this place, and I am beyond thrilled to help women find their own style and voice through their clothing and to feel confident daily in what they wear and how to wear it.